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How This Mom Left the 9-5

Kim, was a new mother and had a high paying management job with a well known company. But every day she went to the office, was another day she was missing out on watching her new baby grow up. She really wanted to find flexibility and freedom to be with her family but still needed […]

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How Cooking and Photography Became Her Home Dream Job

If you could do any job you wanted in the world, what would you choose? When asked this all-important question by her husband, Therese said photographer. But it wasn’t until she joined Pretty Focused – Food Blog Photography she was able to get her dream business up and running. Therese’s story at a glance: Read […]

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The Demand For Food Photographers

A common myth about food photography is “Surely the market is over saturated because it seems everyone has a camera and can become a photographer.” We don’t think this is true. Nice tools do not equal the talent or skill necessary to use those tools and make a great product. A saw doesn’t make you […]

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Corporate Job to Dream Career Working From Home

What if your love of food and photography could lead to a successful career? If you’ve ever felt stuck in your job, Shelley’s story will inspire you to pursue your dreams. After years of 40-50 hour work weeks, she decided that it was time to leave her “safe” job for something new. Joining Pretty Focused […]

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The Tools Every Food Blog Photographer Needs

One of the most common questions I receive is about what gear and supplies someone will need for their home-based food photography business. We’ve created this recommendation list to help give you an idea of what you’ll need to get started and launch a professional business!  These are also the items I use when teaching […]

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Why Do Food Bloggers Hire Photographers?

Food blogging full time offers many incredible perks – being able to create a life you love, working from home, being accessible to your family, flexibility and many income opportunities.  It can also be a juggling act as well – there is an endless list of tasks to do and not enough time in the day […]

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