Where it began

It was 2016. And when I found the world of food blogging, and it all clicked.

At the time, I had two little boys and I was a stay at home mom. Before they were born, I was a former 2nd grade teacher and I loved my job!
I really wanted to be able to contribute financially to my family, but the desire to work from home while my boys were young outweighed everything.

I had been photographing as a hobby for several years and loved it, so starting my own home-based photography business seemed like a possible answer.

While trying to figure this out, a friend of mine who was a food blogger, needed help photographing recipes for her blog. So I jumped into help her. Little did I realize that I would absolutely LOVE photographing food.

I told her, "I wish I could do this for a living!" And her response?


Food Photography From Home

I was feeling burned out as a wedding and portrait photographer. It took me away from my boys on evenings and weekends. The same would have happened if I went back to teaching. I needed something that gave me freedom with my time to work when and how much I wanted.

Photographing for bloggers and influencers was more aligned with what I wanted in life. I didn’t need to leave the house to work and I could establish my business on my terms; photographing food on my schedule. As an added bonus, I have always been creative - from photography to cooking to design - so working as a content creator just made sense for me.

For the bloggers I worked with, it was a huge source of stress off their plate. With the ever-growing demands for social media, bloggers often look for content creators to help lighten their workload. They often look for help with writing and photographing recipes or coming up with craft ideas. I was able to help rephotograph exisiting recipes that had been on the blog for years, and even create new ones, that would help bring in new readers and attract brand sponsors.

SPOILER ALERT: The strategies that Pretty Focused teaches have increased blogs readership by about 2 million people per month in just one year. SUCCESS!

Based on the things my clients were seeing in the blogging world, and my background as an educator, I perfected a system for content creation based on what bloggers and website publishers actually needed.

That system became the foundation for Pretty Focused, a program that teaches anyone how to master food photography and build thriving businesses as content creators. The market responded in a big way.

For bloggers who wanted to hire content creators, it was impossible to find people who had skill, understood blogging and focused on customer service. The training that Pretty Focused offers fixes that. Best of all, it provides so many people with a way to work from home.

Pretty Focused Was Born

Today, I have taught hundreds of Pretty Focused students in the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia and so many other countries -- and from RVs while travelling across the USA.

From start to finish, any student, at any expertise level (regardless of whether they are a photographer, a blogger or have never held a camera in manual) can follow the Pretty Focused system and grow their businesses quickly.

To keep our quality standards high, Pretty Focused opens only a few times a year with limited enrollment.

A System Anyone Can Follow

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