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Stop scrolling through endless groups, looking for someone you hope will give you quality work, on time.  Hire the right person and get exactly what you are looking for, the first time.

Eye catching, mouth watering photos are what drives traffic to your blog.  A trained photographer knows how to give you those  scroll stop worthy photos every time.

Work on what only you can do and hire for the rest!  The more you post, the faster you can grow.  Stop working in your business, and start working on your business by hiring out.  

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Gain Access to Over a 150+
Professionally Trained Food Blog Photographers

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Gain Access to Over a 150+
Professionally Trained 
Food Blog Photographers


What others are saying about us

"They are trained so well!"

"I hire Pretty Focused students to do my photography because I know that they “get it.” They are trained so well! They know the blogging world and are able to consistently produce beautiful photos that match the brand of my blog."

- Jennifer, Princess Pinky Girl

"They are professionals!"

“Pretty Focused graduates learn to create and photograph recipes beautifully. They are professionals! They work hard to understand my requirements and create amazing photographs that I use to build my business.”

- Holly, My Plant-Based Family

"They know how the business works."

“I turned to Pretty Focused students to find highly trained photographers that know how the business works and are dedicated to their work. They have been trained in how the blogging business works so I don’t have to!” 

-Aubrey, Real Housemoms


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