Why do food bloggers hire?

Most people think of blogs as "passion projects" but in reality they are full fledged profitable businesses. As with any business, there comes a point where hiring out for various services helps to grow and scale that business. Photography and recipe development are just a few of the services that bloggers will hire for.

What does the work look like?

Bloggers have two main areas of need when it comes to photography and recipe development. The first need is what we call "recreations".  This is where they hire a photographer to update old content on their blog. The second need is what we call "exclusives".  This is where the photographer will develop and photograph a new recipe for the blogger. If you're not confident in recipe development, that's okay! You can completely focus on recreations. You do not have to do both.

How quickly can I get work?

Pretty Focused is the only place you can connect with clients within a week of graduating.  In 2022, 87% of our grads reported they connected with a client within 3 days of graduating.  81% of grads reported working with multiple bloggers.

How do I get clients?

At Pretty Focused, we help connect clients directly to our grads. We already have an established and constantly growing network of bloggers that come to Pretty Focused to hire our grads.  We call this network, the Buyers Club.  Upon graduation, all students gain access.  We announce each new grad into the Buyers Club so bloggers can review their portfolio and start to connect right away.  Where else can you find this?!

How much can I make?

Graduates can make as little or as much as they need. In 2022, for those grads that worked at least 20 hours per week, 68% reported making $50,000 or more a year. And 24% of our total grads reported making more than $100,000!  Whether you just want to do this for some extra side cash, or you need to replace a full-time corporate job, with Pretty Focused, you'll find the financial freedom to make whatever you need. 

How long does it take to go through the course?

There are 3 phases to our program: Training, Practice and Portfolio. Training is made up of 6 modules, 40+ lessons, and bonus content. It takes around 8 total hours to complete. In Practice, our students will work with our coaches to complete at least 20 recipes. Here they focus on implementing what they learned in training. When they have mastered their new skills, they begin building their Portfolio. The average student graduates 4-8 months after their date of enrollment.

Can I just use my phone to take pictures?

No. If you hired a wedding photographer, and they showed up with just their phone, how happy would you be? For this same reason, you need to have access to a real camera. The quality of work you can deliver will be substantially higher with a camera. If you want to be paid well for your work, you need quality equipment. We have an investment guide that breaks down everything you'll need to start inside our Free Training. 

Is this course self paced?

Yes, students can work through the course at their own pace. We find that work ethic has the biggest impact on the speed in which a student can graduate, not prior experience. In contrast, if you need to take a step back or slow down, you can definitely do that as well. Every student sets their own pace. It’s their ability to grasp and implement the training, that determines when they can move on.

Do I get lifetime access to the course?

Students get access to the course and its material as long as they are in good standing.  

Can I get a refund if I decide this isnt for me?

We currently offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  If for any reason, you decide you want a refund, and you are within 30 days of purchase, you can get a full refund.  


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