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Food Photography for a Mom Returning to Work

Being a mom of seven kids—all homeschool age—doesn’t leave much time for…anything.  You’re too busy keeping life moving forward from sun up until sundown to find time to breathe. But when your husband is unhappy in his career, and you need a new source of income, you find a way. You become a mom returning […]

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Food Photography Hacks From a Project Manager

What does a project manager know about food photography hacks? Quite a bit! Melissa knows what it takes to be successful in corporate America, and over the last few years, she’s translated that success into running her own food blog photography business. It’s a lot of hard-won insight that’s well worth listening to. And it […]

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blog food photography

Why This Entrepreneur Embraced Blog Food Photography

Blog food photography and entrepreneurship go hand-in-hand; just ask Robin. She’s a serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses who has found success and happiness with Pretty Focused. Not only has it provided her a creative outlet, which she was sorely missing in her other companies, but she’s now earning enough money to pay her monthly mortgage […]

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How to Launch a Career in Food Photography

Have you ever wondered what happens right after you graduate from Pretty Focused and how you launch a career in food photography? What are the first days and weeks like? What’s the process? How prepared are you for work as a food photographer after graduation? We’ve got all the insight and more from Courtney—a recent […]

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How This Home School Mom Uses Food Photography To Work From Home

What if signing up for food photography classes could change your life? Would you go for it? That was the question that faced Lindsay in the middle of the pandemic in 2020. She was working multiple jobs but still worried if it was enough financially. Then, she found food photography and the Pretty Focused course, […]

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When to Hire A Food Photographer for Your Blog

If you’re running a food blog, you know how important it is to have high-quality, eye-catching photos to drive traffic. When you hire a food photographer for your blog, it can be a game-changer! There’s nothing better than professional photos to sell your recipes to readers. But the hiring process can also feel overwhelming.  Which […]

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how to start a photography business

How to Start a Food Photography Business

There’s no doubt that photography is a highly competitive and sought-after profession. After all, who wouldn’t want to work for themself, be creative, and charge good money to take pictures? When it comes to food photography business, the career field can be even more attractive because working with food (instead of people) sounds like a […]

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Global FAQs: Pretty Focused Food Blog Photography

Global FAQs: Pretty Focused’s Food Photography School Have you considered joining our Pretty Focused food photography school, but you don’t live in the United States and are unsure if it is right for you? Do not worry; you are not alone. We are here to help you make the best decision for your life and […]

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How to Become a Food Photographer in 10 Months

When life gives you lemons, develop a lemon-focused recipe, bake it, photograph it, and sell it! That’s how you become a food photographer. Just kidding! But truthfully, the real story behind becoming a food photographer isn’t that different. At least it wasn’t for Kelly. Life gave her a lemon in the form of losing her […]

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Food Photography: A Business Idea for Stay-at-Home Moms

Are you a stay-at-home mom looking for a business idea? Or are you a working mom looking to become a stay-at-home while still earning a salary and running your own business? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Jade was right where you are now just a year ago. She was an extremely busy elementary school teacher […]

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