Discover How to Use Your Kitchen, Camera, and Computer to Become a Professional Food Photographer

Get hired! Are you ready to start building your very own six-figure photography business...right from your kitchen?

With our approach, you’ll learn food photography as well as set up your business. And we'll even introduce you to clients after you graduate -- through our exclusive Buyers Club.

Best of all, no experience necessary.

(Even if you have no previous experience)

OUR GRADS Work HaS Been Seen On:


WHAT IF we offered a whole new solution that most people didn't even know existed? ...A solution that set people up for success, right from the very beginning.

You see, food bloggers and online business owners desperately need content and are willing to pay top dollar - BUT they can't find qualified photographers who are trained well enough to supply it.

WHAT IF we provided training and coaching so that people could become photographers specialized in food blog photography? And what if, when those people graduated, they were introduced to clients who were WAITING to hire them.

WHAT IF there was a better way...

Many photography courses tell new photographers to work for free (!!!) until the right person or brand notices them. This is no way to start a business.

Even great photographers have trouble finding consistent work and often don't make enough money to hit their financial goals. This is stressful and defeating.

There are a million "make money" courses online that promise the world and deliver far less. They don't provide coaching or customers or any real opportunities. 




After working in this industry for years, 3 crucial things are very apparent to us:

And, best of all, you don't have to leave the house to do it. Portrait photographers can spend their weekends at weddings or shooting on location. Whereas, food photographers can do it from their kitchens, home offices or any room with great light!


Step stool

Natural light source or artificial light



Poster Board

Styling Boards

DSLR or Mirrorless Camera




You see, thousands of bloggers, online publishers, influencers and many others need help developing, creating, styling and photographing recipes and crafts. They hire photographers to help them re-do old photos that look out of date. They also hire people to shoot new recipes and crafts when they are pressed for time.

There’s a real market need for quality content from trained content creators. This creates an opportunity for you to use your camera and just a few supplies to create a career and life you love.

You don't need a crazy amount of equipment. All you'll need are:

Food photography for bloggers and websites? YES! It's an actual thing!

But we don't want you to make the same mistakes we did...

When we first started, we weren't confident styling photos. We didn’t have the right lighting. And we significantly undervalued our own work.

We’ve taken everything we've learned photographing hundreds of recipes and crafts...and developed Pretty Focused - Food Blog Photography.

Pretty Focused - Food Blog Photography is a unique training system designed to equip our students with the knowledge they need to get hired as food photographers for bloggers (with no previous photography experience necessary). We also help them determine how much they need to work a month to meet their financial goals. 

Through Food Blog Photography, students use our experience to fast track their success. 

And then, once they graduate, we connect them with clients - bloggers and online publishers - pairing our training with actual client work. Through these relationships, our graduates' work has appeared on some of the world's biggest websites.


master food photography

Create a 
thriving business

live a life
you love

YES! I want in!

I’m an educator, photographer and homeschooling mom. I'm also the co-creator of Pretty Focused.

Through on-demand video training and live coaching, I've taught hundreds of Pretty Focused - Food Blog Photography students a proven system that turns creativity into real businesses.

From start to finish, Pretty Focused - Food Blog Photography provides everything that's needed succeed as a food photographer.

I'm Melodee

So many have found a passion for creativity and food photography, just like we did

Hi, I'm Stephanie Keeping and I am the co-creator of Pretty Focused. I have been a professional blogger for 12 years, reaching 100+ million people each month.

My goal is to connect our Pretty Focused - Food Blog Photography grads with my blogging network so they can work as food photographers.

I'm Stephanie

Unlike any photography course, Pretty Focused - Food Blog Photography provides personalized coaching, an authentic community and Buyers Club to connect you with clients and help grow your business. 

A proven training system

personalized coaching

clients waiting for you

Whether a beginner or a pro, the course progresses logically, so you can follow-along in order or jump around in any way you wish. In fact, Pretty Focused is as guided or self-directed as you want it to be.

Maybe you just bought your first camera. Or you’ve been doing portrait and wedding photography for 10 years. Or maybe you're somewhere in between. Regardless of where you are at, you'll be blown away by what you experience inside Pretty Focused.

We're not a photography course, we're your secret to building your business

A 6 Step System that will show you how to create and photograph recipes in as little as one afternoon.

The exact strategies our graduates use to introduce themselves to clients.

A step-by-step plan for securing clients (even if you have no prospects).

How to curate your portfolio to grow your authority and business as much as you want.

Case studies of successful graduates who used our systems to build their own “kitchen based business” faster than they thought possible

And so much more!!!

We'll guide you through:

It works well because we keep things simple...

The course is organized into 6 modules containing 40+ lessons by topic and function. This modular approach allows you to absorb the material more easily in bite-sized chunks, and find what you need, when you need it.

Unlike other training, we cut out the fluff. Every lesson you complete is specifically tailored to drive actionable results. We teach you only what you need to grow a successful food photography business. You will learn in HOURS what we spent YEARS perfecting.

Access the modules, tools and training on all your devices, 24 hrs a day!

In this module, we'll cover how you put yourself out there, and more importantly…where to find clients?!

MODULE 6: setting up business

We’ talk about working with bloggers and the different types of blog posts they are looking for in this module.

MODULE 5: working for clients

This module will walk through using Lightroom to expertly (and QUICKLY!) edit your recipe photos, regardless of your skill level or whether you've used Lightroom before.


In this module, you will learn how to photograph the recipes themselves -- in a way that fits naturally and beautifully on any food blog.

MODULE 3: photographing recipes

Learn how to compose and style beautiful photos in an easy and approachable way from start to finish.


If you've ever asked "How do you..?" this is the module for you. We talk about shooting in manual, aperture, ISO, shutter speed and focal points -- and about putting it all together.


6 Modules, 40+ Lessons, Over 8 Hours of Video Training

Welcome to the Food Blog Photography Training System™️

And you don't have to just take our word for it!

Meet a few of our pretty focused students and grads...

Lauren, Pretty Focused Graduate

"We've always placed family over finances. Pretty Focused allowed us to make both a priority!"

Become a sought-after food photographer for blogging and corporate branding clients.

Earned back 3x the cost of the course almost immediately after graduation.

Lauren, an at-home mom of 4 kids, considered going back to school to help her family. Enter Pretty Focused.

Lenore, Pretty Focused Graduate

"I want to be an example that you can work and be successful without sacrificing your family."

Earns between $25,000 - $50,000 per year working part-time hours.

Has 8-9 monthly clients.

Invested $300 in supplies to get started.

A busy mom of 5, Lenore is a hobby photographer turned professional food photographer with the help of Pretty Focused.

Addie, Pretty Focused Graduate

"After I joined Pretty Focused, I quit my job and was able to make photography my full time career!"

Because of the Buyers Club, connected with her clients in under a week 

Paid off her investment in a month.

Photographs 3.5 recipes a week.

Addie worked full time in retail at the same time she took Pretty Focused. She took her time to go through the process and it paid off.

Tricia, Pretty Focused Graduate

"Joining Pretty Focused has been the BEST thing I have done for myself and my family."

Lives her goal of bringing in income while not working too hard.

Recouped her entire investment within 3 weeks of graduating.

Worked with 25 clients.

Tricia joined Pretty Focused in 2018 to work from home and be present with her daughter. Since then, she has:

Ivy, Pretty Focused Graduate

"I am grateful every day that I found this course and took the leap to join!"

Has plans to buy a house with her new income.

Doubled her income.

Left her full-time nursing job to be a food photographer.

When Ivy joined Pretty Focused, she was a struggling photographer trying to make it in a saturated market. After Pretty Focused, she:

Rhadonda, Pretty Focused Graduate

"Pretty Focused has truly been a blessing and I am so thankful for this course!"

Has a job she loves.

Contributes greatly to the family income.

Is the boss of her own business.

When Rhadonda's job of 37 years ended, she needed to find a new way to add to the family income. After Pretty Focused, she:

Not only will you gain the knowledge needed to be a food photographer, but we’ll connect you with a network of bloggers, online publishers and influencers who are actively looking for people with your newly acquired skills. Something you won’t find anywhere else!

“Pretty Focused graduates learn to create and photograph recipes beautifully. They are professionals! They work hard to understand my requirements and create amazing photographs that I use to build my business.”

Holly, My Plant-Based Family

“I turned to Pretty Focused students to find highly trained photographers that know how the business works and are dedicated to their work. They have been trained in how the blogging business works so I don’t have to!”

Aubrey, Real Housemoms

"I hire Pretty Focused students to do my photography because I know that they “get it.” They are trained so well! They know the blogging world and are able to consistently produce beautiful photos that match the brand of my blog."

Jennifer, Princess Pinky Girl

meet some of the clients that hire our grads…

“Unfortunately, there are not enough good, reliable photographers currently working in the industry. Several times I have wanted to find content creators to help me with my sites and haven't been able to find anyone. The need is very real."

- Amanda Formaro, Amanda's Cookin'


Bonus #1: Personalized Coaching

As a Food Blog Photography student, you'll get PERSONALIZED COACHING in our exclusive  community on Facebook.

Yes. Direct feedback, personalized to you, on your work and progress. 
This isn't a place where you post something and never get a response. 

The group is a safe and encouraging space for you to post your images, give and receive advice and ask questions. Here, you’ll see yourself grow in ways you have never imagined. It will no doubt be a favorite part of your journey.

Our team has 7 amazing coaches to guide you through the process to graduation. These women all bring something incredible to the table. And they all want the same thing: for you to be successful. 

We’ve formulated 9 components CRITICAL to the success of your new business and as an ADDED BONUS we're including them for all Tier 3 Students

I Know it Sounds Cliche’ “But Wait There’s More!” We’re Not Stopping With Just the Training…

Meet Our Coaches


Ivy is a portrait and wedding photographer turned food photographer. And she is killing the food photography game. She has created a website to sell her recipes and has raised the bar in the industry. She’s on track to make more than 6 figures this year.









Lauren is a stay at home mom of 4 kids. After staying home for 10 years, she knew she would have a bleak resume. She joined Pretty Focused and has completely changed the trajectory of her future, not only working with blogging clients, but landing corporate branding clients as well.









Kim was pretty high up on the corporate ladder when she decided to stay home with her son. Not only did she meet her goal of just $400 a month, she crushed it. They have been able to shave 8 years off of their mortgage and save, save, save. Kim also does our portfolio reviews, bringing everything she learned from coaching people in Corporate America to Pretty Focused.









Rhadonda is our resident lighting and styling expert. Everyone is instantly drawn to her beautifully styled images and her warm personality. She joined Pretty Focused when she found out her job of 36 years was coming to an end. She was not only able to replace that income, she was able to make more.








Tialyn is a freelance food videographer, photographer, and educator. She helps women intentionally create business they love while advocating work life balance! A wife, girl mom, and recovering workaholic, you will find Tia with a Cultivate What Matters Planner in one hand and a sweet tea in the other!









Sara is not only an experienced photographer, but a graphic designer, creator, digital storyteller, mama, wife, and lover of Nutella. Whether the focus is food or crafts, she knows how to authentically tell a story with her photos.









Lenore came to the photography world with a background in Hotel & Restaurant Management. Her clients couldn't be more pleased she made the switch. Lenore is known for delivering bright, crisp photos consistently with every shoot. 









A 12-page, comprehensive guide that gives you all the resources and information from our camera basics module in a digestible format. Keep it at your fingertips during practices.

​If you need to photograph in the night, or live where it gets dark early, this class is invaluable. You'll get equipment lists, set-by-step lessons and learn to make artificial light look natural. 

Bonus #9: Artificial Lighting Masterclass

Bonus #8: Camera Setting Cheat Sheet

Make editing even easier with our Food Blog Photography preset. We created this to save you time editing so you can spend less time in front of the computer and more time doing the things you love.

Bonus #7: Preset

As the food blog industry changes, so do we. All of our students are kept up to date with the latest information. When updates are made to the course, you will get it too, for no additional charge.

Bonus #6: Free Content Updates

Our expense tracker, tracks 12 months of bloggers you work for, recipes, expenses and taxes. Knowing what you’re spending on each recipe helps you to better price yourself and keep control over those expenses, which can add up quickly! We’ve even included a tutorial to show you how to use it!

Bonus #5: Expense Tracker

You’ve created your portfolio and you’re ready to sell, but what in the world do you say when you’re advertising your services? We’ve discovered that wording is everything! We’re taking the guesswork out to boost your confidence when you’re selling your work.

Bonus #4: Sales Posts Templates

You’ll be able to watch me, in real time, walk through 4 different sessions from start to finish. From prepping in a messy kitchen (#thestruggleisreal, am I right?) to editing images in Lightroom, you get to hear and see my thought process as to why I adjust camera settings and why I adjust different items on my board.

BONUS #3: Full Length Session Walk Throughs

We want you to feel confident in your photos when you post them for sale. Once you’ve built your portfolio, you’ll be able to submit it for review by one of our coaches. Not only will they help you curate your portfolio to be the best of the best, they will give you tips to apply so that the next photo you take will be better than your last.

Bonus #2: Personalized Portfolio Review

As a Food Blog Photography graduate, you will be connected with people who want to hire you in our exclusive Buyer's Club. In this group, only our grads are able to ask potential clients what they are looking for and create the valuable content they want to buy. Access to this group is priceless.

More than 600 buyers are inside this exclusive group and it's growing every day!

Bonus #10: The Pretty Focused Buyer’s Club

This next one alone is worth more than the cost of the entire system...

“After I joined the buyer's club I had so much interest from bloggers! Every day or every other day I was getting contacted or reaching out in response to posts. I quickly filled up all the time that I had for photography work. The first blogger contacted me FIVE minutes after that Buyer's Club post went live. And within a week I was full up.

So it's been super exciting to get to jump into paid work. I thought that it would take weeks or months to get clients but it happened so fast! The process of Pretty Focuses works!"

- Megan S, Pretty Focused Graduate

“The...thing that sold me on the course was the buyer’s group. You completely set us up for success with your course because you not only get us to work hard on putting our best work in our portfolio, but you connect us with bloggers who need us to work for them.

Not even 24 hours after posting in that group, I was hired by 2 bloggers to photograph 10 recipes for them. TEN!!! That covered my cost of your course plus extra! I am still in shock! Thank you so much for everything you continually do to help us!!!”

- Melody K, Pretty Focused Graduate


Work as much or as little as you’d like…
Because you are creating this business on your own terms, you get to tap-in when you want and tap-out when you feel like you need that week with your family.

Right away you’ll be able to work as much or as little as you like WITHOUT being a professional photographer, seasoned chef, tech expert, internet master or creator extraordinaire!

Style and create content like you never thought possible.

Understand the fundamentals of shooting and editing to generate the best result every time.

Have a killer portfolio that speaks for itself and sells.

Manage and run your new business with all the tools at your fingertips.

Communicate with your peers to stay on top of the trends and challenges in the industry.

Leverage the Pretty Focused Buyers Club to attract the best clients

 ...And so much more!

After graduating Food Blog Photography you’ll be able to:

Imagine yourself working in your kitchen, with your camera in hand, creating a career that you love...

Food Blog Photography grads can make as little or as much as they need. 

50% of Grads reported making $50,000 or more a year. And 13.6% reported making more than $100,000.

These numbers were self-reported by our Food Blog Photography grads. This is not a guarantee. Results may vary.

Our first goal will be to help you cover the cost of our Training System with your first few jobs...

​I’m unwilling to take action (you will have to do the work).

​I don’t own a DSLR/mirrorless camera and cannot borrow one.

​I find it hard to navigate the internet and interact on social media platforms.

Pretty Focused - Food Blog Photography is NOT for me if:

I have a kitchen, a DSLR or mirrorless camera and a computer (or I’m open to buying what’s needed).

I’m interested in styling, photography, cooking and want to learn how to use these passions to profit.

I don’t want to sell candles, leggings or other stuff to friends and family (and never, ever want to do it again)!

I’m working in an office and want to be a stay-at-home parent but need to generate income to make it happen.

I’m currently working a 9 to 5 but I’m looking for a “side hustle” to bring in extra cash.

I’m ambitious and looking for a way to start a low-risk business that I can call my own.

I'm a portrait or wedding photographer who is looking to diversity.

I'm tired of taking photography courses that tell me to work for free until I get noticed and "make it." 

Pretty Focused - Food Blog Photography is for me if:

Now let's cook. Shoot. Eat. Get paid. And repeat.

That’s Why We Added a
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

“But I'm not good enough to charge people for my photos," you say? We're confident we can train you to be great!

As new members join, the quality of our community grows. This means the value of your Food Blog Photography training continues to grow, and so will the price. It’s also the reason we open enrollment for limited times only with a set number of seats. This ensures every student gets the attention they deserve and the value stays top notch.

When you join now, you will get access to any new additions to our content, no matter when, at no additional cost to you!

Here's why you should join today

(Valued at  $2000)

6 modules, 40+ lessons, over 8 hours of professionally arranged training, highly organized to make learning fun, easy and on your schedule. Accessible on any device, anytime, from anywhere.

The Entire Food Blog Photography Training System

A Breakdown of What You'll Get

Bonus #9

Bonus #8

(Valued at  $297)

(Valued at  $27)

We are giving you our Artificial Lighting Masterclass. You'll need this if you have to work evenings or don't have great natural light in your home. Learn artificial light the right way!

A 12-page, comprehensive guide that gives you all the resources and information from our camera basics module in a digestible format. Keep it at your fingertips during practices.

Artificial Lighting Masterclass

Camera Setting Cheat Sheet

Bonus #7

(Valued at  $27)

Make editing even easier and faster with our preset. You can spend less time in front of the computer and more time doing the things you love.


Bonus #6

(Valued at  $1500)

As the industry changes, so does Pretty Focused. We keep all of our students up to date with the latest information. When updates are made to the course, you will get it too, for no additional charge.

Free Content Updates

Bonus #5

(Valued at  $45)

Our expense tracker helps you keep track of your work, expenses and taxes. Knowing what you’re spending helps you to better price yourself.

Expense Tracker

Bonus #4

(Valued at  $97)

You’ve created your portfolio and you’re ready to sell, but what in the world do you say when you’re advertising your services? Our template takes the guesswork out.

Sales Post Template

Bonus #3

(Valued at  $497)

You’ll be able to watch Melodee, in real time, walk through 4 different sessions from start to finish. You get to hear and see every thought process so you can replicate it in your own photos.

Full Length Session Walk Throughs

Bonus #2

(Valued at  $997)

You'll have your portfolio reviewed by one of our expert coaches and they will help you curate it to showcase your work in a way potential clients will love.

Portfolio Review

Bonus #1

(Valued at  $5000)

In our exclusive community, you'll have access to our 7 amazing coaches. They will give you personalized coaching based on your work and guide you through the process to graduation.

Personalized Coaching

Bonus #10


After graduating Pretty Focused - Food Blog Photography, you'll be welcomed into our buyers club where you can network with 1000 (and growing) potential clients who want to work with people like you.

When you pay in full for Tier 3, not only will you save, you’ll choose* from one of the following two masterclasses:

1. Recipe Development and Testing Masterclass​
(Cost $247 >> Cost If You Pay in Full $0)
Choose this Masterclass if you want to be more comfortable with recipe development and testing. You'll learn everything you need to know to confidently offer clients exclusive recipes that command a higher rate.


2. Selling Exclusives Masterclass

(Cost $397 >> Cost If You Pay In Full $0)​
Choose this Masterclass if you want to learn step-by-step how to set up your own online shop to sell your work for top dollar. This is the same masterclass taken by many of our grads who are now making six-figures.​

Bonuses are non transferrable
*Unlocked after 30 days
*Students who pay in full using PayPal Credit will also get this bonus!

These bonuses are highly sought after by our students and grads but you'll get them  free by paying in full!

Pretty Focused Buyers Club

Tier 3: Pay in Full Bonuses

PLUS, The Biggest Bonus You Can’t Get Anywhere Else! We Call it the Buyers Club.

When You Pay in Full for Tier 3, You’ll Save
PLUS Receive These Bonuses

Pay in Full Bonus

Would like to jumpstart your business and be listed in our exclusive Buyers Club and be introduced to approximately 800 potential clients upon graduating.

Crave community and want to network and grow your business with the support of other Pretty Focused students, graduates and coaches.

Want to get direct feedback from our coaches as you practice the course lessons and create your portfolio - as well as have your portfolio reviewed.

Love photography and cooking and want to create a thriving business as a content creator and/or food blog photographer.

Tier #3


Know how to get clients already and you don't need to be part of our Buyer's Club to directly access potential new clients.

Are already a great photographer and can easily catch on to new photography principles, tips and tricks -- without needing help from our coaches.

Tier #2

Choose TIER 2 - PHOTOGRAPHY + BUSINESS - if you...

You have enough experience that you do not need additional coaching or support from our community at this time. 

Are a blogger who wants to get this course for an individual who will work only for you.

Are currently a blogger and want to learn how to photograph recipes to increase your pageviews and social following. You do not need to be in our Buyers' Club.

Tier #1

Choose TIER 1 - PHOTOGRAPHY ONLY - if you...

We've structured Food Blog Photography into 3 tiers so you can choose the one that best suits your needs, budget and time commitment.

Ready to Start? Choose the Tier that is Right for You



or 1 payment of


6 payments of

Photography + Business,
Coaching + Buyers Club


or 1 payment of


4 payments of

Photography + Business


1 payment of

Photography Only

Bonus 1: Personalized Group Coaching
Bonus 2: Portfolio Review
Bonus 3: Four Session Walk Throughs
Bonus 4: Sales Post Guide 
Bonus 5: Expense Tracker 
Bonus 6: Updated Content 
Bonus 7: Preset
Bonus 8:  Artificial Lighting Masterclass 
Bonus 9: Buyer's Club
(eligible only upon graduation)

Module 1: Camera Basics
Module 2: Styling and Composition
Module 3: Photographing Recipes
Module 4: Lightroom
Module 5: Working for Clients
Module 6: Setting up Business



We also offer PayPal Credit as a payment option. It offers students the ability to get Pretty Focused interest free for six months on approved credit. Plus, you’ll still be eligible for our pay in full bonus. Choose PayPal during checkout to start the process!



1 payment of


Module 1: Camera Basics
Module 2: Styling and Composition
Module 3: Photographing Recipes
Module 4: Lightroom

Photography Only


or 1 payment of


4 payments of

Full Session Walk Throughs

Module 1: Camera Basics
Module 2: Styling and Composition
Module 3: Photographing Recipes
Module 4: Lightroom
Module 5: Working for Clients
Module 6: Setting up Business

Photography + Business


or 1 payment of


6 payments of

Personalized Group Coaching
Portfolio Review
Four Session Walk Throughs
Sales Post Guide
Expense Tracker
Updated Content
Camera Setting Cheat Sheet
Artificial Lighting Masterclass
Buyers Club
(eligible only upon graduation)

Module 1: Camera Basics
Module 2: Styling and Composition
Module 3: Photographing Recipes
Module 4: Lightroom
Module 5: Working for Clients
Module 6: Setting up Business

Photography + Business,
Coaching + Buyers Club

We also offer PayPal Credit as a payment option. It offers students the ability to get Pretty Focused interest free for six months on approved credit. Plus, you’ll still be eligible for our pay in full bonus. Choose PayPal during checkout to start the process!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of camera do I need?

The best camera for this job is a DSLR. You'll want to have the ability to adjust settings and change lenses.

Will you teach me how to use my camera?

Yes! I'll teach you how to shoot in manual and how to properly set your white balance.

What is the format of the course? Do I get to go at my own pace?

The course consists of online video tutorials, which you can take at your own pace -- when it is convenient for you. For Tier 3 students, questions can be answered any time in our community.

How long will it take me to go through the course?

Food Blog Photography is made up of 6 modules, 40+ lessons and bonuses. It'll take over 8 total hours to complete.

The best lenses for this job are a 50mm (1.8, 1.4 or 1.2) and a 100mm. In the course, you'll learn when to use these lenses.

What will I be learning?

The modules cover styling, shooting in manual, camera angles, editing in Lightroom, different types of blog posts and everything you need to know to set up your business and attract new clients.

How much do I need to spend on camera supplies?

For the highest quality photos, I recommend a full frame DSLR, a 50mm and a 100mm. Additionally, I recommend purchasing an Expo Disc.

What kind of styling items do I need to start with?

You'll definitely need a styling board, white foam boards and a set of nice dishes. In the course, I talk more specifically about these items and how I use them.

Do I need a better lens than what came with the camera?

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Personalized Coaching

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