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Sep 29, 2023

Earn a Full-Time Income at Home with a New Baby

When you decide to start a family, you know everything will change. Having kids is always life-changing. And as a future parent, there’s a burning desire to do the best we can for our children—no matter what it takes. For Elysia, that meant finding a new career that would allow her to earn a full-time income at home, even with a new baby. Learn how she earn a full-time income at home & earn an income from food photography

That’s when she discovered Pretty Focused.

It was the answer to all her problems. With food photography, Elysia could work when and how she wanted. And even though she only works during her baby’s naptime—so being a mom remains her first priority—she still earns the income she needs for her family. 

Elysia’s Story: Food Photography During Naptime

So, how did Elysia earn an income from food photography while being a new mom? 

  • Elysia was working full-time in an office when she got pregnant with her first child. It was then she knew that she needed a new job that was stay-at-home and highly flexible.
  • She looked into various options for earning an income at home when she found Pretty Focused and food photography.
  • After two years, during which time she gave birth to her baby and started life as a new mom, Elysia graduated from the Pretty Focused program. 
  • Now, she works only during naptime—10-15 hours a week—and still earns an income from food photography that helps support her family.

Watch her full story now!

  • 2:32 Why did you join Pretty Focused?
  • 3:11 How did you find our about Pretty Focused?
  • 3:43 How long did it take you to graduate?
  • 8:29 What happened when you graduated?
  • 10:55 How many recipes do you sell a week?
  • 14:41 Did you know anything about photography before you joined?
  • 15:04 What it easy to learn the technical side of photography?
  • 19:07 How has this job given you freedom?
  • 23:49 What is Pretty Focused?
  • 26:51 How long did it take for you to earn back your investment in the course?
  • 29:26 Do you make more money as a food photographer than your previous job?
  • 30:44 How much do you make per exclusive recipe?
  • 31:00 How long does it take you to do photograph a recipe?
  • 34:59 What surprised you the most about food blogging?
  • 37:02 How do you get clients to your shop?
  • 42:43 What advice do you have for people who are thinking about joining Pretty Focused?
  • 53:40 Was Pretty Focused what you were expecting?

From Boring Desk Job to Expectant Mom in Search of a Better Career

Like many of us, Elysia was a desk jockey at the start of her career. She worked for a solar company, gaining permits to install solar panels. However, it was never a job Elysia wanted to do forever, “It was kind of boring for me.” And more importantly, it wasn’t a job conducive to starting a family.

“I knew my husband and I were going to try and start having kids soon, and so I knew I’d want to work at home if I could.” So, Elysia searched for the ideal job that would allow her to earn a full-time income at home, even with a new baby. Thankfully, she found Pretty Focused in October 2020.

A friend on Instagram was the first to mention the course, and it was intriguing enough that Elysia decided to check it out. But life is never easy. So, while Elysia was ready to start the course, she was far too busy to dedicate time like she wanted to. In fact, it would take Elysia two years to graduate, and for excellent reasons.

Taking 2 Years to Finish Pretty Focused as a New Mom

First, Elysia was still working full-time when she discovered Pretty Focused. And taking pictures only after work (in the dark) or on the weekends wasn’t a great option. “Then, I got pregnant in February.” And as every first-time mom knows, that’s a hard time to start new things. “I didn't really know anything about babies or pregnancy, and so every spare minute I had, I was researching.” 

So, once again, Pretty Focused took a well-deserved back seat in Elysia’s life. And while she found a little time at the start of her maternity leave to finish the lessons and start a few practice sessions, as soon as the baby came, that all went out the window. “It was hard to recover. I think it took about six months before I got back into it.”

Elysia found time, whenever possible, to work on her portfolio and practice taking pictures, but it wasn’t easy. The only truly free time she had was during nap time. “I figured out a way to make it work to take photos while she was sleeping, and that’s how I finished my portfolio.” 

It was new-mom ingenuity at its finest! Eventually, after two years of hard work and life throwing a lot of curveballs, Elysia graduated from Pretty Focused in December 2022. “It felt really good to graduate. I was very, very, very happy about it.”

Life as a Stay-At-Home Mom and Food Photographer

After graduation, Elysia dove into food photography with both feet. She set up a website within two weeks and completed photoshoots simultaneously with recipes. Her goal was to sell exclusives to bloggers, and by the first week of January, she was ready. Elysia posted her recipes in the Buyer’s Club, and within an hour, she had her first sale.

It was so quick that Elysia almost couldn’t believe she’d succeeded. But “then, I kept selling and realized it was real.” And that was just the beginning of her new career as a food photographer.

Now that her baby is 18 months old, Elysia has a set schedule. She does all her work while her baby is napping, and while time is her most finite resource, she can still sell what she needs each week to take care of her family.

Yes, food photography is a profitable career; just ask Erin!

Tips to Earn a Full-Time Income at Home with Food Photography

That’s the entire idea behind Pretty Focused. You can make it the right type of career for you. For some students, that means earning six figures. For others, it means working just enough to earn an extra $1000 a month. Food photography can help you meet a wide range of financial goals.

So, what tips does Elysia have for other stay-at-home moms who want to be food photographers and earn an income during naptime?

Set Your “Why” and Then Ignore the Rest

Elysia realizes that she could easily earn more money than she does and have more clients. And she’s thought about it. “But I always come back to the same thing…the whole reason I wanted to do this in the first place is to have time with my baby because that’s really important to me.” As such, she doesn’t take on more work.

Instead, Elysia sets her weekly schedule, which is about one exclusive recipe a week, and that’s it. That way, if something happens with her baby or she needs a nap during naptime, she’s flexible enough to do it. “It’s whatever I need it to be.” 

Time with her new baby is Elysia’s “why” for earning a full-time income at home, and so every bit of work she does keeps that ultimate goal in mind.

Embrace Variety and Find What You Love About Food Photography

If sitting at a desk is hard for you, like it is for Elysia, then food photography might be the ideal career choice. “I get bored easily, so I like that there’s so much variety in what I do.” It’s just one of the many reasons that Elysia loves her new career.

Whether she’s getting ready for a photo shoot, crafting recipes, taking photos, cleaning up afterward, or editing her photos, it’s always something different every day. “I think that’s kind of fun. It makes it exciting, and I don’t get bogged down.”

The key is to find what it is about food photography that satisfies you and then focus on that. If you always highlight what you love, you’ll find enjoyment in every hour.

Take Responsibility For Yourself and Your Work

To earn an income from food photography, you have to enjoy freedom but also know how to stay focused without the usual constraints of an office career. “I love that I get to work for myself and by myself.” But with that, you also have to be prepared to do everything on your own.

For example, if you are a people person who needs co-workers to keep you going, working at home in food photography might not be the best choice. “I hardly ever talk to anybody, which sounds like I hate people, but I really don’t.”

But if you’re good with having the freedom to set your own schedule and run your own business without interference, and that responsibility doesn’t scare you, then there’s no limit to what you can do.

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The Benefits of Choosing Pretty Focused to Launch Your Career in Food Photography

earn an income from food photography

Now that you know some of what it’s like to earn a full-time income at home with food photography, why should you choose Pretty Focused to be your guide? It’s simple: immediate results, continuous learning, and the Buyer’s Club.

Immediate Results

When you join Pretty Focused, you can expect even more value than a college course, according to Elysia. “It’s pretty amazing. Pretty Focused teaches you this skill, and you can immediately make good money from it. Yeah, I don’t think college degrees really do that anymore.”

The difference is application. With Pretty Focused, you don’t just learn the theories of food photography; you learn exactly how to start your own business and get help doing so. Pretty Focused provides applicable skills that you can put into action immediately. In fact, 52% of Pretty Focused graduates make $50,000+ a year.

Continuous Learning

“When you buy the course, you don’t buy just the course. There’s so much continued learning afterward.” When you join Pretty Focused, it’s not like a college course where you have six months of class, and then once you’re done, you’re completely done. 

Instead, Pretty Focused continually provides new learning opportunities for students and graduates. You can keep learning well after you graduate with live events, the Facebook community, regular information updates, and so much more. “I love being able to keep learning. I feel like I would have been so lost if it was just the course.”

The Buyer’s Club

Pretty Focused also doesn’t leave you hanging when it comes to selling your work after you graduate. You don’t just get a pat on the back and then you’re thrown into the deep end with no life jacket. Instead, Pretty Focused offers the Buyer’s Club for all graduates—an exclusive community of food bloggers looking to purchase exactly what you’re selling.

The Buyer’s Club connects Pretty Focused graduates with clients every single day. It makes the reality of being able to earn a full-time income at home possible. “I don’t even know what I would do without the Buyer’s Club.”

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Are You Ready to Earn an Income From Food Photography?

So, are you ready to earn an income from food photography? The demand is there! There are almost ten times the number of food bloggers as food photographers. That’s why 62% of Pretty Focused grads connect with a client within hours, and 81% of graduates work with more than one client at a time.

You just have to go for it. Don’t let your fears or discouragement hold you back. “Since I’ve graduated, I’ve been pretty blown away by everything,” Elysia says. “I can’t believe how many resources there are with this course, and I would definitely buy it again.”

Give Pretty Focused a chance. It’s worth it!

Additional Food Photography Resources 

What if you could turn your passion for cooking and photography into a dream career?

Pretty Focused – Food Blog Photography helps aspiring food photographers get hired. Whether you’re looking to make a full-time income or just supplemental income, there is something for everyone inside our course. Plus, with the support of a community and top-notch coaches, as well as our Buyers Club that connects you with clients, you’ll have everything you need to succeed.

So if you’re looking for a new career or just want to explore the possibilities of working from home as a food photographer for bloggers, join the Pretty Focused Roadmap and learn if this is right for you.

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