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How This Home School Mom Uses Food Photography To Work From Home

What if signing up for food photography classes could change your life? Would you go for it? That was the question that faced Lindsay in the middle of the pandemic in 2020. She was working multiple jobs but still worried if it was enough financially. Then, she found food photography and the Pretty Focused course, […]

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Food Photography: A Business Idea for Stay-at-Home Moms

Are you a stay-at-home mom looking for a business idea? Or are you a working mom looking to become a stay-at-home while still earning a salary and running your own business? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Jade was right where you are now just a year ago. She was an extremely busy elementary school teacher […]

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Earn 6 Figures After a Course in Food Photography

A course in food photography might not sound life-changing, but it can be! It was for Gavin— a poor college student in his second year of school. When he found Pretty Focused and discovered the difference food photography could make in his and his family’s life, everything changed. A little more than a year later—before […]

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Earn a Full-Time Income at Home with a New Baby

When you decide to start a family, you know everything will change. Having kids is always life-changing. And as a future parent, there’s a burning desire to do the best we can for our children—no matter what it takes. For Elysia, that meant finding a new career that would allow her to earn a full-time […]

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Editorial Food Photography vs. Blog Food Photography

A career in editorial food photography sounds like a dream come true. How could someone not want to see their photographs in print or their name in a magazine? It’s the dream. And yet, for Amy Treasure, the hype didn’t live up to reality. In fact, she left editorial food photography for blog food photography […]

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From Portrait Photographer to Food Photographer: Success!

For Fabiana, a photography veteran with more than 15 years of experience in portrait work, it was a leap of faith and a big change. But it was worth it. She wanted to change her lifestyle to be more flexible while still doing what she loved: taking photos.

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How Cheryl Learned Food Photography to Sell Recipes

Discovering your dream career can feel overwhelming and impossible. Sometimes, you get close, but something is missing. So you go back to the recipe and try again. That was the case for Cheryl. She was a busy corporate professional, then a food blogger, and then a bakery owner. Nothing truly fit until she decided to […]

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Is Food Photography Profitable?

Is food photography profitable? That’s the first question almost everyone asks before they sign up for Pretty Focused. And it was an essential question for Erin, a high-powered executive for a Canadian Restaurant Group. She needed to know that her decision to launch a food blog and learn food photography was going to be worth […]

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This Single Mom Launched a Career in Food Photography

As a single mom desperately in need of a flexible work schedule (that still pays the bills), what are you supposed to do? That was the big question for Melanie—a single mom of three boys. She’d worked half a dozen jobs and even returned to school for a medical career, but nothing fit her needs. […]

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How This Mom Left the 9-5

Kim, was a new mother and had a high paying management job with a well known company. But every day she went to the office, was another day she was missing out on watching her new baby grow up. She really wanted to find flexibility and freedom to be with her family but still needed […]

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