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Sep 8, 2023

Editorial Food Photography vs. Blog Food Photography

A career in editorial food photography sounds like a dream come true. How could someone not want to see their photographs in print or their name in a magazine? It’s the dream. And yet, for Amy Treasure, the hype didn’t live up to reality. In fact, she left editorial food photography for blog food photography and never looked back.

Now, Amy wakes up every morning excited about her job and the money she can earn, which is eight times more than what she made before. “I’m so motivated by growing my business. The possibilities just seem endless.” And it’s all thanks to Pretty Focused and everything she learned about blog food photography.

Amy’s Story: She Left Editorial Food Photography for Blog Food Photography and Never Looked Back!

So, what made Amy make the switch from editorial food photography to blog food photography? 

  • Amy was a successful editorial food photographer with major clients like BBC Good Food and Delicious Magazine, but she was unhappy.
  • Her editorial work wasn’t consistent, and neither was her income. She wanted better for her career and her family, so after a few years, she looked into blog food photography.
  • But launching her own food blog was more work than she wanted, and it meant that she didn’t get to focus on the only things she truly loved: creating recipes and taking photos.
  • Then, Amy found Pretty Focused and discovered she could earn a great income by taking photos and creating recipes for other food bloggers, and she was hooked.
  • Now, she earns eight times more income as a blog food photographer than she did working in editorial. And her business is still growing!

Watch her full story now!

Get To Know Amy

  • 0:00 Countdown
  • 3:57 How did you get into to editorial photography?
  • 7:28 How often did you get magazine shots?
  • 9:27 How did you get work?
  • 18:43 How is working for food bloggers different from editorial food photography?
  • 22:50 What is tutorial based food photography?
  • 24:28 How quickly were you able to start working with clients after you graduated?
  • 26:46 What were you hoping Pretty Focused would help you accomplish?
  • 31:36 Is Pretty Focused for me if I want to learn how to take better photos for my own business?
  • 33:22 Is the market crowded for graduates?
  • 36:27 How many recipes do you photograph a week?
  • 39:13 How much more are you making working for food bloggers?
  • 41:25 What has your income allowed you to do?
  • 44:14 How do you address burnout?
  • 50:57 What is your camera set-up?
  • 53:14 What goals do you have for your business?
  • 59:00 How has working for food bloggers changed your life?

An Inconsistent Career in Editorial Food Photography

When Amy earned her degree in Multimedia Journalism, she never planned to launch a career in editorial food photography. She “kind of fell into it.” She’d always been interested in photography, but it was not something she expected to earn money. But then, she started getting “photography gigs,” and she started to see her work in print, and she realized that she had made it. “It was an absolutely amazing feeling!”

Over the years, she worked with various brands (BBC Good Food and Delicious Magazine, to name a few) and saw her pictures in countless recipes. But while it was exciting, “it was not as glamorous as it might seem.” In fact, Amy felt “it was a real slog; it was really hard.” The money was hit or miss. It was difficult to book gigs, and the work wasn’t consistent.

“Maybe you might get one or two days a week” working at a magazine. And even then, it wasn’t easy. She would have to take the train into London on the days she worked, which meant she would be gone for an entire day. “Child care was an absolutely massive issue at that point.” It was hard on her whole family, and Amy knew something had to give.

Transitioning to Blog Food Photography

That’s why, eventually, Amy started her own food blog. “But oh my gosh, the work involved! I don’t know how they do it.” Running a blog was so much work, and very little of that was taking photographs, which was all that Amy wanted to do. “I realized that bloggers didn’t always take their own photographs.” So, the question became, “How can I just take photographs all day long?”

That’s when Amy found Pretty Focused. She looked into our graduates and discovered, “They are making so much money. They are so professional. How do I get in on this?” It snowballed from there.

Within four months, Amy worked through the complete course and practice sessions, graduating in January 2022. “And I sold my entire portfolio the day I graduated! So, I made all my money back and then some. It was insane!” Since then, Amy has continued to find success.

Launching a Successful Blog Food Photography Career Within Weeks

By her second week, she’d started a Shopify for her food photographs. And as soon as she posted the photos of what she was selling, “within a few minutes,” her Shopify account blew up with purchase orders. “It was crazy!” 

Now, it’s Amy’s goal to sell out of her work every week. “And that is what I’ve been doing since. It’s just mind-blowing bonkers!”

Amy has since grown her personal sellers' group to around 350 bloggers—all of whom want her exclusive photos every week. She always sells out, and there’s still more work than she can handle. “Every single week when my stuff goes out, I will have five to ten people email me for more. There's so much work.”

Discover how blog food photography can be profitable for you!

Editorial Food Photography vs. Blog Food Photography: The Differences

editorial food photography vs. blog food photography

So, how did Amy transition from editorial food photography to blog food photography, and what were the main differences she discovered? You might be surprised!

Make Your Own Rules for Your Career

One of the big reasons Amy decided to leave editorial food photography for blog food photography is because “ I wanted to make my own rules.” Amy was tired of inconsistent work and low-paying jobs doing things she didn’t enjoy. With blog food photography, she can choose exactly what she wants to do each day—no more and no less.

“I love that I can just be like, ‘What will I make this week? Is it going to be a cocktail? Is it going to be cupcakes?’” And whatever Amy decides, she does. Then she sells it, and she’s done. “Whereas if you're working with a brand or a magazine, it's just not as easy. Because somebody else is always telling you what to do, and they might not like it in the end.”

The Freedom and Flexibility to Work From Home

“Honestly, it’s crazy when you think that you can completely work from home.” Blog food photography gives Amy the freedom to take care of her family and her job—all at the same time. “I can meet up with my older children. I can drop my youngest daughter, Rose, at school. I can go for breakfast. I can go watch Rose at her hockey game or something.” Blog food photography is all about the freedom and flexibility to create your own schedule.

For example, right now, Amy’s youngest daughter is on break for the school holidays. So, since the 6th of July, Amy hasn’t worked. “I’ve just been having loads of fun with Rose, and I don’t have to work.” But when she is ready to go back, “I know I’ve got people there waiting for me.” All Amy has to do is announce in her client group when she’s back, and she’ll restart work immediately. But in the meantime, she’s free to enjoy time with her child.

And Amy isn’t our only grad to experience the freedom of blog food photography. Check out Fabiana’s story here.

The Recipes Matter as Much as the Photography

There are a lot of tricks in editorial food photography vs. blog food photography to make a gorgeous photo. And it doesn’t always matter if the recipe actually works in the editorial photo. That’s just not as important as a great shot. “I came into Pretty Focused thinking, ‘Well, I can take a gorgeous photo.’ But it's just not that; there's so much more.” 

For example, for a magazine shot, you might use mashed potato for ice cream or shaving cream for whipped cream because it is “absolutely gorgeous.” But that’s also because the taste doesn’t really matter. 

However, in blog food photography, the recipe has to work to make the food you’re photographing, or the blogger “isn’t going to come back to you.” Amazing recipes are just as essential as beautiful photos; they must be in perfect sync.

Blog Food Photography is Tutorial-Based Food Photography

Unlike editorial food photography, blog food photography is tutorial-based. What does this mean?

Your goal with blog food photography is to make the yumminess of the food show out. You have to get those drip shots and bite shots. Unlike editorial, where every little extra detail is perfectly styled, the key for blogs is to get the composition and styling correct so that the food is the star. “The priority for bloggers is making sure that the food really stands out from the rest.”

Here are 11 more reasons to try blog food photography for yourself!

How Has Pretty Focused Improved Your Food Photography Career?

editorial food photography vs. blog food photography

Now, you might be thinking, “Sure, Amy is doing well in her food photography because she has years of experience in editorial work.” And yes, that’s true, but there is a significant difference in Amy’s photos pre- and post-Pretty Focused. She 100% believes the course helped her get where she is today. 

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what she has to say about how Pretty Focused has helped her.

Improved Photo Sellability: More Photos, More Quickly

Before the course, Amy had many unsold photos in her Shopify account. The problem was that she didn’t know how to take photos for blog food photography vs. editorial food photography. It took going through the Pretty Focused course, getting feedback from our coaches, “which can be hard to take sometimes,” and learning all the tips and tricks that made her new photos sell.

“Honestly, I want to pinch myself sometimes because it’s mind-blowing!” Learn more about why food bloggers are looking for photographers just like you.

More Money Per Photograph 

Amy was already selling photographs to food bloggers before joining Pretty Focused. In fact, she was part of various VA groups where she advertised and sold her photography. And while she achieved some success, she was limited to charging around $125 for an exclusive set of blog photos. Now, Amy can charge $425 for her exclusive food photography photos. 

Overall, Amy makes “loads more money” in blog food photography vs. editorial food photography. How much more? About “eight times more!”

Better Access to Food Bloggers Who Want to Buy Great Photos

Another major difference Amy has experienced since graduating from Pretty Focused is the fact that food bloggers know the value she provides more than ever before. Buyers know she has been through the Pretty Focused course, so they trust she knows how to craft amazing, sellable photos. 

The other difference? The Pretty Focused Buyer’s Club.

The Buyer’s Club is exclusive to Pretty Focused graduates, and the bloggers who have access know how much good photography is worth. They also know that within the Buyer’s Club, they can expect a high standard of excellence, so they are willing to put more money on the table to get the types of photos Pretty Focused graduates deliver.

How To Launch Your Career in Blog Food Photography Today

editorial food photography vs. blog food photography

Amy is so happy with her new career in blog food photography that she never looks back at her life in editorial. In fact, the only thing she would change is the fact that she can’t clone herself. “Because I’m at a point where the more work I do, the more money I get. So, if I could clone myself, I could make more money.”

If you want to get to where Amy is, then Pretty Focused is the course for you. “It honestly changed my life!” And it could change your life too. When you sign up, you’ll:

  • Learn all the skills you’ll need to become a successful blog food photographer, 
  • Gain access to an incredible community of photographers and bloggers to help you every step of the way, 
  • Graduate with the insight and tools you need to make your dream photography career come true.

“It’s literally a choose your own adventure” course! Pretty Focused starts you on the journey, you choose your destination, and then the course helps you get there! “I’m just so grateful to Pretty Focused, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m in such a good place. Thank you!

Additional Food Photography Resources 

What if you could turn your passion for cooking and photography into a dream career?

Pretty Focused – Food Blog Photography helps aspiring food photographers get hired. Whether you’re looking to make a full-time income or just supplemental income, there is something for everyone inside our course. Plus, with the support of a community and top-notch coaches, as well as our Buyers Club that connects you with clients, you’ll have everything you need to succeed.

So if you’re looking for a new career or just want to explore the possibilities of working from home as a food photographer for bloggers, join the Pretty Focused Roadmap and learn if this is right for you.

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