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Hey there, I'm Melodee!

Hey there,
I'm Melodee!


Our students are connected directly to bloggers looking to hire immediAtely after graduation.



We have a team of coaches that work with every student to ensure they are successful.



learning should be easy and simple. We give specific and detailed instruction all along the way.


Pretty Focused doesn't just teach, we COACH our students through the whole process.  And, we CONNECT our students directly to clients as soon as they graduate!

Why We're Unique

What Our Grads have to say

"I have spent thousands of dollars on courses before that never panned out. This course has not only paid for itself, but I have been able to upgrade ALL of my camera equipment (and then some) in just a few short weeks."
 - Jennifer - 


"After going through Pretty Focused, I had the tools I needed to more than triple the amount of money I was making per recipe and I'm able to work less. Being able to scale back the number of recipes I do AND make more every month is really freeing!"
- Stephanie - 


"Once you graduate, Pretty Focused is like no other vocational program, even if you spend tens of thousands of dollars on classes. Because “Not one of them has a Buyer’s Club set up with clients as soon as you graduate. That’s unheard of.”
 - Fabiana - 

You are connected with clients as soon as you graduate

"I have been able to discover a work/life balance I didn’t think was possible. I am able to provide for my family on just 25 to 30 hours of work a week. And if I want more work, it’s there, because food photography is a constantly growing field!”
- Melanie - 

I finally have the work/life balance I needed

"Pretty Focused has allowed me to bring in the income that I needed while building my blog, without having to go back to a traditional job. I made my course investment back the very first day that I was added to the Buyers Club....”
 - Erin -

I left my corporate job and I'm never going back

"Since I graduated I have learned to set up and run my own business, which has provided me with the resources to do the things that I want to do, and the freedom to do it when I want to. I really enjoy life when I get to do what I love and be creative every day.”
- Angelina -

Pretty focused gave me the freedom i always wanted

"Earn money while being a full time stay at home mom! I only work during my 18 month old's nap time, so I almost never have to lose any time with her. I have the freedom and flexibility to take a nap if I need to because I didn't sleep the night before or we're just having a hard day."
- Elysia -

I make money while my new born sleeps

"I am as busy as I want to be. I could be way busier... I make my money and shoot my recipes in the first half of the month. And then I take 2 weeks off! I went to Hawaii with my mom last month for a week, and I still did all my work. I work when and how much I want."
 - Amy -

I work when and how much I want

"I didn’t know anything about how to work a camera! Once I signed up for the class, and started posting, things seemed to happen very quickly. This week, I was able to make a TRIPLE payment to my loan, and hope to get it paid off in a year!”
- Rebecca -

I paid off all my student debt thanks to pretty focused 

"I would tell someone that considering this course that you really can make an income with food photography. You can work as much or as little as you need or are able and it really works!"
- Theresa -

I have flexibilty with my finances and schedule 

"Cheryl works from home, makes her own schedule, keeps work light in the summer, and takes advantage of the flexibility that a career in food photography offers."
- Cheryl -

I can work from home and have the freedom i need

"Finding something that I love to do has been incredible. It’s helped me mentally have a focus and purpose and feel proud and accomplished but also financially. We just booked an all inclusive vacation for next week !!!!!!"
- Therese -

Pretty focused gave me PURPOSE and is something i love

"The cool thing is that it did not take me long to get really good. It just took me a very, short time because the course has coaches who just lovingly tell you what you need to do. They show you how to tweak your photos, to get you to a level where bloggers will actually look at your work, and want to buy your work."
- Kanyi -

Pretty focused made it very easy to launch my business

"Pretty Focused was a total confidence boost for me. With the tools given, I truly can create my business from the ground up and make it exactly what I had envisioned. I feel empowered, more self-assured, and more decisive, which has translated into nothing but positives in all aspects of my life."
- Lenore -


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