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Dec 8, 2023

Ultimate Gift Guide for Food Photographers

Quick disclosure: This page contains affiliate links which means we may receive a commission when you use our links. 

Looking for the perfect gift for the food photographer in your life? Look no further, we've got you covered! We’ve put together the Ultimate Gift Guide for Food Photographers just for you – packed full of useful and fun tools that will make their job easier. Whether it's getting the right lens, kitchen tools or something that will make them smile, this list has something for everyone. So if you're looking to find just the right present for yourself or any other food photographers in your life, read on and let us help ease those gifting worries away!

1. Give the Gift of Pretty Focused

When you give the gift of Pretty Focused, you aren't just gifting someone a food photography course. You're giving them the tools needed for them to create a full-time income working from home that will give them the freedom and flexibility they need!

2. Cheese Grater

Every food photographer knows that you can't use pre-shredded cheese in your photos. But who has the time to shred all that cheese? This rotary cheese grater makes grating cheese a breeze, and the clean up is easy too!

3. Cordless Kitchenaid Mixer

Anytime photographers use a handheld mixer for a recipe, you can guarantee the cord will be in the way. But not anymore! This cordless handheld Kitchenaid mixer is portable, powerful and is easy for them to shoot around.

4. Pretty Focused Tee Shirt

Every food photographer needs a Picture Taking Shirt. This shirt is light weight, soft and comes in light colors, making it a t-shirt and reflector in one.

5. Backdrop Holders

These backdrop stands were created by a Pretty Focused family and we are proud to support them (no pun intended). These stands hold up backdrops, so they stand nice and tall. No more fumbling, falling backdrops.

6. Camera Gear

You don't have to ask a food photographer twice if they want new gear! They have an ongoing list, guaranteed!

7. Eye Massager

This eye massager is the best way for food photographers to unwind and relax their eyes after a long day of photographing and editing!

8. Canon Ivy Printer

Food photographers don't just have an appreciate for food photos, but for all photos! This Mini Canon Printer is perfect for being able to quickly print their most precious memories straight off of their phone. Note: There is a new version of this printer available.

9. The Flavor Bible

More than likely, the food photographer you're shopping for is also a recipe developer in which case, they need this book on their shelf! The Flavor Bible the ultimate guide that provides inspiration for flavor pairings and creativity in the kitchen.

10. Shun Knives

You don't have to be a food photographer to know that quality kitchen tools are essential. They make the work easy and help to execute recipes well. These Shun knives are 61-62 on the Rockwell scale and have a stunning damascus blade. Not only do they do their job well, but they are beautiful pieces of art.

11. Camera Bag

Kindly Camera bags are perfect for the on the go photographer. The cross body bag carries essentials camera equipment and when you're using it for cameras, it is the perfect crossbody bag. It's like 2 for 1.

12. Clear Kitchenaid Bowl

Every food photographer needs a clear Kitchenaid Bowl! It's by far the easiest to photograph, plus having extra bowls is ALWAYS a good thing.

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