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For Fabiana, a photography veteran with more than 15 years of experience in portrait work, it was a leap of faith and a big change. But it was worth it. She wanted to change her lifestyle to be more flexible while still doing what she loved: taking photos.

Once she graduated, Fabiana went from earning $4,000 for a single wedding with 80-120 hours of work to earning $4,000 for just ten recipes ($400 ea.) and a lot less work. All while working in her kitchen in her pajamas.

One of the best parts about joining Pretty Focused is gaining access to the incredible community. “I literally could call half a dozen women at any time and be like, ‘So, I’m struggling to set up. What am I doing wrong?’ and they would walk through it with me. I’ve made really good friends.”


"Once you graduate, Pretty Focused is like no other vocational program, even if you spend tens of thousands of dollars on classes.  Because not one of them has a Buyer’s Club set up with clients as soon as you graduate. That’s unheard of."

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She was a busy corporate professional, then a food blogger, and then a bakery owner. Nothing truly fit until she decided to learn food photography.  It changed her life.  After going through Pretty Focused, Cheryl was able to channel all of her creativity and love for food into a career in food photography. And she saw success fast. 

Within the first week of graduation, Cheryl sold 14 recipes and launched her new career! 

The incredible thing about food photography is that you can make it work for you and your needs. In fact, Cheryl was able to make her son’s severe allergies into somewhat of a selling point for her photography.  Cheryl sells her own food photography exclusives (recipes and photos), she doesn’t have to worry about it. She only creates and sells recipes that fit her requirements and it’s made a niche for her within the blog community.


"Cheryl works from home, makes her own schedule, keeps work light in the summer, and takes advantage of the flexibility that a career in food photography offers."

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As a single mom of three boys (14, 12 & 8), Melanie had very specific needs when it came to her career. She needed to earn good money without an extreme amount of stress, and somehow, the job needed to offer flexibility. It seemed impossible. Until she discovered Pretty Focused and a career in food photography! 

As a food photographer, she had the flexibility to work from home without worrying about childcare. “That was amazing!”

With Pretty Focused, the way the course is set up, you can go from “no experience to being highly experienced” fast. Because of all the support you receive and your introduction into the “Buyers Club” upon graduation, Pretty Focused graduates are immediately working with clients and making money. “It really fast tracks you!” 


"I have been able to discover a work/life balance I didn’t think was possible. I am able to provide for my family on just 25 to 30 hours of work a week. And if I want more work, it’s there, because food photography is a constantly growing field!"

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Stephanie, a military wife and talented food photographer, decided to take things into her own hands when she felt like the clients she was working with were less than inspiring. She was working full time hours, but getting paid a part time wage.

"This job gives me the financial and time freedom I need to support and be with my family which is number one to me."

"Shortly after joining the Buyers Club, I was able to get myself a brand new car.  It was my dream car!  Call me a mom, but it was a Toyota Highlander... but I always wanted one.  It was the color and everything I wanted.  Right after I bought the car... we love to travel, so we took the family to Hawaii using just the money that I earned, and many other places.  My money is the Fun money!"


"I have gone from having a part time job to having a full time job with total freedom. I am able to never miss any of my kids activities, I can be at all the middle of the day school things like halloween parades. Yet bring in enough money to take the kids on amazing vacations from hawaii to yosemite to Disney World."

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Angelia was able to complete high school AND launch a business in just 10 months. When she graduated, she joined the Buyer's Club with force - selling recipes within hours. She's been working with clients ever since! 

"I tell people that I develop and photograph recipes for food bloggers. They usually don’t believe me at first and are surprised it’s something you can make money doing. Then they usually think it’s really cool."

"Pretty Focused is much more than just a photography course, they help you along every step of the way so that you can create a successful business from home. The coaches help guide you through the process so that you can become the best you can be, and when you graduate the buyers club helps you connect with clients right away."


"Since I graduated I have learned to set up and run my own business, which has provided me with the resources to do the things that I want to do, and the freedom to do it when I want to.  I really enjoy life when I get to do what I love and be creative every day."

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Amy is a professional food photographer who was tired of cold calling restaurants to get them to hire her for their shoots.  She is an empty nester who wanted freedom and flexibilty.

"Pretty Focused allows me to have the freedom to buy things, and surprise my husband with things.  I have bought so many things for myself!  And I dont feel bad buying those things now."

"The coaches here, are so dedicated, and there for you in so many ways... they are invested in you as a perosn and want to see you succeed.  I had to ask myself, is this for real?!  I feel like I have a group of friends who give a rip about me and my life.  It's quite refreshing and I appreciate it very very much!"


"I am as busy as I want to be.  I could be way busier... I make my money and shoot my recipes in the first half of the month.  And then I take 2 weeks off!  I went to Hawaii with my mom last month for a week, and I still did all my work.  I work when and how much I want."

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Elysia used to work for a solar company and as a permitting coordinator.  After she became pregnant, she knew something had to change!

"I graduated mid-December and took a couple weeks to set up my website and create exclusives, I posted them in the buyers club the first week of January and had my first sale after 1 hour. I've been selling pretty consistently since then!"

"An awesome online photography course that literally has the value of a college degree!"

"I get to do something I actually enjoy and get excited about! I've only been working 4 months, but 2 out of those months I earned as much or more than I was making at my full time job before, except I only worked 10-15 hours a week instead of 40+."


"Earn money while being a full time stay at home mom! I only work during my 18 month old's nap time, so I almost never have to lose any time with her. I have the freedom and flexibility to take a nap if I need to because I didn't sleep the night before or we're just having a hard day."

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Rebecca was on the verge of a significant season change in her life. She was ready to say goodbye to her teaching career of 7 years and hello to extra time caring for her new grandson! She needed a job that would allow her to stay home but with an income! The dream, right?

She and her husband love to travel but she was carrying student load debt that felt like it was always looming. This was no time for income to dissipate.

Rebecca decided to join Pretty Focused. She had a background in culinary, but zero photography experience. She practiced and practiced and steadily got the hang of her camera. Matched with her culinary skills, it wasn’t long before she passed her portfolio review! In a year’s time the looming student debt will be history!


"I didn’t know anything about how to work a camera! Once I signed up for the class, and started posting, things seemed to happen very quickly. This week, I was able to make a TRIPLE payment to my loan, and hope to get it paid off in a year!"

When Jennifer purchased Pretty Focused, her goal was to take the images for her blog to the next level. Then Covid happened, and her family's business was closed temporarily. It was clear to her that she needed to diversify her income through her photography!

She used the “time off” by ramping up her efforts to create a place of her own to sell recipes. Her husband laughed a little at the thought of her using their “Carona-cation” to work on photos and recipes.

“I’m just starting my journey selling food photography, but I have been amazed. Years ago when I would post things in VA selling groups it would take hours or days to sell my photos, and sometimes they wouldn't even sell. Now I can post a recipe I have created in my store (at a premium price) and watch them sell out. Yesterday was a record when my store sold out in less than 20 minutes from posting the recipes.”

Her husband isn't laughing now!


"This course has not only paid for itself, but I have been able to upgrade ALL of my camera equipment (and then some) in just a few short weeks."

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Erin oversaw the US division of a Canadian quick-service restaurant until March 2020. With the impact of Covid the US team's positions were eliminated. During that time, she started a blog and worked on that exclusively until she joined Pretty Focused.

Erin said, "I am not naturally an artistic person, so styling was hard for her. I really appreciate the formulas that Pretty Focused shares. They are simple and easy to follow and help me to create beautiful photos."

"Pretty Focus has provided me with flexibility and control. In months where I have strong ad payouts, I can just work for my recreation clients and get a little extra income. But on lower payout months I am able to sell exclusives and still meet my monthly income goals. Because of this, I am able to draw a steady paycheck and meet both my family and business goals."


"Pretty Focused has allowed me to bring in the income that I needed while building my blog, without having to go back to a traditional job.  I made my course investment back the very first day that I was added to the Buyers Club...."

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Thérèse graduated from Pretty Focused in December 2022 and since then, life has been crazy busy and exciting. Finding something she loves has helped her stay focused, given her purpose and given her a proud sense of accomplishment.

With access to professional coaches and a supportive community, she found the program different from any other online work-from-home career.  After graduating, thanks to the Pretty Focused Buyers Club, she immediately had clients waiting for her and was able to pay off her investment in less than a week.

Life after graduation has been a dream. Currently, one of her biggest struggles is loving her job so much that she doesn’t want to take a day off. It’s a feeling she had never had in her life before.

As Therese’s business grows, her husband has even become invested in the business. They keep a running list of recipes they want to test and have a Friday night test kitchen. It’s a favorite night in the house.


"Finding something that I love to do has been incredible. It’s helped me mentally have a focus and purpose and feel proud and accomplished but also financially. We just booked an all inclusive vacation for next week !!!!!!"

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Bobbie is a food blogger and used what she learned in Pretty Focused to not only help grow her brand, but also work with other food bloggers - creating a new stream of extra income!

"Since joining Pretty Focused, my blog has grown by leaps and bounds because of the photography techniques and strategies she learned!"

"You know, I remember one time I was having trouble getting this frosting to come out right.  I reached out and several other people and coaches responded.  It's just great because you know, you feel like you're not just taking some online course; because I've taken plenty of those.  Where it's just you by yourself. This doesn't feel like that because you don't feel like you're all alone."


"Pretty Focused to me is more than just a photography course, it is a group of extremely talented and supportive people. It is a community that I love being a part of."

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Despite his passions for cooking and photography, he was hesitant to join Pretty Focused. But with a little encouragement from his wife, he decided to take the plunge! After graduating, not only could this culinary artist share their work but also started earning much needed income for their family.

"What's really cool is that I paid for the course, even before I graduated. So, that is pretty cool!  And it tells you what I was learning worked!"

"So by the time I got into the Buyers Club, becuase of the course, I knew how to reach out to bloggers and how to talk to bloggers. If I blogged about my recipe, I knew what to send them, how to send them, and my invoice was ready.  Like everything was just set.  So when I joined the Buyers Club, it was kind of easy.


"The cool thing is that it did not take me long to get really good. It just took me a very, very short time because the course has coaches who just lovingly tell you what you need to do.  They show you how to tweak your photos, to get you to a level where bloggers will actually look at your work, and want to buy your work."

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Shelley was sent home from her former place of work during the pandemic and had to brainstorm remote work ideas to meet financial needs and have flexibility in her lifestyle. Talking with a Pretty Focused grad opened her eyes to the lucrative potential of photographing food for bloggers.

After graduating, Shelley has the financial freedom and flexibility to work where and when she wants at under 30 hours per week.

"When I put up my first things up for sale, I sold out right away!  Like I went to the bathroom and came back and everything was gone!  Its was crazy fast!  Actualy, I even had a blogger reach out and say, 'I just bought this and youre not charging enough.' "


"So, I like making goals.  I set a goal in my 2nd month after gradtuating, to make more than I was making at my previous full time job.  I blew that goal out of the water!  And that was decreasing my hours from 45+ hrs per week to under 30 hrs."


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