Before we get to what Pretty Focused is today, we have to tell you how it started. It was 2016. And when we met, it all just clicked. 

And now we show our students how to do the same.

We’re moms who wanted to stay home with our kids.

A kitchen, a camera and a computer helped us do it. 

Our Story

Melodee was looking for clients. Stephanie knew she needed the help of a skilled photographer. See, it really did click.

At the time, Melodee had two little kids. A former teacher, she loved her job and still wanted to be able to contribute financially to her family. But her desire to work from home while her children were young outweighed everything. 

She’d been photographing as a hobby for several years and loved it, so starting her own thriving home-based photography business seemed like the answer. 

At the exact same time, Stephanie was in a similar but different boat. She’d already quit her corporate job and was building a blog, Spaceships and Laser Beams so she could stay home with her young son. But she was burning the candle at both ends -- as she struggled with photography and tried to build her pageviews, brand sponsorships and social following. 

SPOILER ALERT: The strategies they developed together increased Stephanie’s blog readership by about 2 million people per month in just one year. Success.

Melodee was feeling burned out as a wedding and portrait photographer. It took her away from her children on evenings and weekends.

Photographing for bloggers and influencers was more aligned with what she wanted in life. She didn’t need to leave her house to work and she could establish her business on her terms - photographing food and crafts on her schedule. As an added bonus, Melodee had always been creative - from photography to cooking to design - so working as a content creator just made sense.

For Stephanie, it was a huge source of stress off her plate. With the ever-growing demands of social media, bloggers like Stephanie often look for content creators to help lighten their workload -- whether it’s help writing and photographing recipes or coming up with craft ideas. Melodee was able to help rephotograph terrible photos that had been on the blog for years, bringing in new readers and attracting brand sponsors.

Food Photography From Home

Based on the things Stephanie was seeing in the blogging world, and Melodee’s background as an educator, Melodee perfected a system for content creation based on what bloggers, influencers and website publishers actually needed.

That system became the foundation for Pretty Focused, a program that teaches women how to master food photography and build thriving businesses as content creators. The market responded in a big way. 

For bloggers who wanted to hire content creators, it was impossible to find people who had skill, understood blogging and focused on customer service. The training that Pretty Focused offers fixes that -- and best of all, provides so many women with a way to work from home.

Pretty Focused Was Born

Today, we have taught hundreds of Pretty Focused students in the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia and so many other countries -- and from RVs while travelling across the USA.

From start to finish, any student, at any expertise level -- regardless of whether they are a photographer, a blogger or have never held a camera in manual -- can follow the Pretty Focused system and grow their businesses quickly.

To keep our quality standards high, Pretty Focused opens only a few times a year with limited enrollment.

A System Anyone Can Follow

Pretty Focused Grads' Work Has Been Seen On:



I’m a mom and wife who has built a seven-figure blog from my dining room table. I enjoy the best of both worlds: life as a stay at home mom while working on my own schedule. You can, too.

I’m a wife, educator, photographer and homeschool mom. I created my own dream job working from home and now teach others how to turn their passions into creative businesses.



Meet the Team

Lenore came to the photography world with a background in Hotel & Restaurant Management. Her clients couldn't be more pleased she made the switch. Lenore is known for delivering bright, crisp photos consistently with every shoot.

Sara is not only an experienced photographer, but a graphic designer, creator, digital storyteller, mama, wife, and lover of Nutella. Whether the focus is food or crafts, she knows how to authentically tell a story with her photos.

Tialyn is a freelance food videographer, photographer, and educator. She helps women intentionally create business they love while advocating work life balance! A wife, girl mom, and recovering workaholic, you will find Tia with a Cultivate What Matters Planner in one hand and a sweet tea in the other!

Rhadonda is our resident lighting and styling expert. Everyone is instantly drawn to her beautifully styled images and her warm personality. She joined Pretty Focused when she found out her job of 36 years was coming to an end. She was not only able to replace that income, she was able to make more.

Kim was high on the corporate ladder when she decided to stay home with her son. Not only did she meet her goal of just $400 a month, she has been able to shave 8 years off of their mortgage and save, save, save. Kim also does our portfolio reviews, bringing everything she learned from coaching people in Corporate America to Pretty Focused.

Lauren is a stay at home mom of 4 kids. After staying home for 10 years, she knew she would have a bleak resume. She joined Pretty Focused and has completely changed the trajectory of her future, not only working with blogging clients, but landing corporate branding clients as well.

Ivy is a portrait and wedding photographer turned food photographer. And she is killing the food photography game. She has created a website to sell her recipes and has raised the bar in the industry. She’s on track to make close to 6 figures this year.

Gifted photographers in their own right, our Pretty Focused coaches all bring something incredible to the table. They are in our Facebook group daily to answer any questions as well as help our students build portfolios that clients will love. And they all want the same thing: for you to be successful. 

Our Coaches

... in providing an educational experience that will guide our students as they master food photography and create thriving businesses, right from their kitchens. Our success is measured by counting the lives we can help change.

We believe...

Always be Growing.

Reject Good for Great.

Share Your Passion.

Our Core Values


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