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Dec 23, 2020

Success Without Sacrificing Family Time: Lenore’s Story

Meet Lenore.

Lenore joined in June 2019 with the goal of having a career working from home, not a job or side hustle. But it needed to be in an area where she could work and be successful, without sacrificing family time.

She has always loved food and photography. Someone once asked her what her dream job was in without hesitation she answered “food photographer!”

She was partly joking because, honestly, she didn’t even know it was a thing. And she definitely didn’t think it was possible as a busy mom of young ones. 

Enter Pretty Focused. She invested in herself and made her DREAM job a reality. 

With our training system behind her, Lenore created a beautiful website of her very own to sell her own recipes directly to clients. 

Pretty Focused was a total confidence boost for me. With the tools given, I truly can create my business from the ground up and make it exactly what I had envisioned.

She says her new career as a food photographer has made her feel more empowered, self-assured and decisive, which has translated into nothing but positives in all aspects of her life.

One fun change was her trips to Target. “I wanted to be able to go to Target and not feel an ounce of guilt for buying the ‘wants’ (not just the ‘needs’) because I can, and I earned it.”

(And earned it, she has! Watch out Target, Lenore is coming for ya.)

Lenore is active to this day in our Facebook community, sharing her work, and offering advice to new students. She strongly believes that Pretty Focused allows its students the opportunity to work from home in a way that fits their lives.

If you are looking for a fun hobby and want to make a small side hustle – awesome, you can do that with this course. If you want to quit your job and do this as a full-blown career, totally possible.

The commitment and dedication, as well as the results and rewards are totally up to you.

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